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If you're looking for a fun, easy and effective way to entertain your children, keep them active (and away from the games console!) and help them to improve their relationship with the family dog, then you're in the right place.... Hi, my name is Ann Corcoran I'm the founder of Clever Kids & Canines, the UK's leading membership teaching your clever kids to train, have fun and improve the relationship with their dog. Our monthly membership combines all the fun and joy of training your dog through games, with the all-important 'super skills' of responsible dog ownership for children aged 8-15 years. There are lots of reasons families choose to get a dog, but often included in those is to teach our children how to take care of an animal, develop social skills and empathy, and take some responsibility for providing care for the family dog, whether that's as simple as letting your dog rest when he's tired, or interacting and playing in a fun but safe way to build confidence in both the child and the dog. Here at Clever Kids & Canines we've designed the perfect online Club that helps to develop beautiful canine behaviour and a fantastic child-dog bond for life: All in bite size , easy-to-follow video lessons we'll coach your Clever Kid to train their dog using fun games, simple techniques, clever tricks and the important life skills to help improve focus, general obedience and have friendship for life. Clever Kids & Canines is the perfect solution if you're looking to reduce passive screen time in favour of something far more interactive, enjoyable and which will help aid your child's development. We only use positive, force-free training methods to achieve spectacular results in our kind, fast and fun and effective training programme.

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