Stylish accessories for you, your dog and your home. Welcome to Opari! Let's start at the start! Founder and Creative Director Victoria Fry worked as an Interior Designer in London for many years, where she built great relationships with many highly skilled artisans and craftsmen from around the globe. It was during this time that she had a vision to combine her love of design and her black labrador, Digger. Happily admitting that Digger was a pampered pooch, Victoria wanted him to look his best when out for walks with the finest leather collars, feel cosy on a soft wool throw when taking an afternoon nap and why shouldn't he have his breakfast in a gorgeous ceramic bowl! And to top it all off, wouldn't it be fun to twin with him? With that in mind, Victoria set about designing a collection of items for you, your dog and your home. At Opari we believe in making beautiful, ethical and timeless pieces that will be loved for years to come, we are so happy to share them with you. It's all about attention to detail. We hope you love your purchases as much as we do!


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