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Welcome to Angel's Accessories! We lovingly handmake enrichment toys for dogs and also have a selection of accessories. These include: Snufflemats, Puzzleplaits, Snuffleballs, Bow ties and Bandanas Angel's Accessories was inspired by our very own Angel! After rehoming her, we wanted to build her confidence that the world wasn't such a scary place and develop a bond between us. We started researching canine enrichment and experimenting making toys, which grew into the venture you see today. Canine enrichment will enhance the quality of your dog's life. It is using fun activities to improve your dog’s mental capacity and build strong relationships with you and the world around them. Enrichment activities help your dog problem solve, learn more efficiently and increase their confidence. It can also help them sleep soundly! Using enrichment alongside exercise will help create a calm, contented dog. Most importantly, enrichment makes your dog happy! We hope you enjoy picking out some enrichment items and accessories for your best friend. We are always on hand if you have any questions or special requests. Woofs and Kisses, Hayley & Angel x

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