“Let your animals roam itch-free, odour-free, carefree. Dote on them. They deserve it. Let them Be:Loved” Pets truly are a part of the family, as any animal lover will know. That's why we have created a full, ever-expanding range of innovative and natural wellness and lifestyle pet products to show them some extra love! Sometimes, the oldest ideas really are the best. Inspiration came in the form of an old family heirloom, a farmhouse recipe book passed down from generation to generation finally landing in our own laps! Together our dedicated team has tested and adapted these recipes to better them for our four-legged friends whilst remaining completely natural. From calming sensitive skin, to soothing cracked paws, defending against insect bites and freshening up the home - we have developed our range to suit you and your pet's daily lifestyle, giving them the natural boost they deserve. Luxury and affordable handmade pampering from palm to paw, not only are we committed to you and your pet but also our planet – using less packaging, and avoiding plastics wherever possible. 100% Natural Always tested on humans, never animals MIT and paraben free Good for your pet, and good for the planet

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