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Hercabella is a British born brand, based in Yorkshire, that specialises in Luxury Tailor Lined Apparel for Dogs. The Co-founders, Natalie Laidlaw a former Interior Yacht Chief Stewardess, with over 16 years’ experience working at the top end of the industry, and Sarah Ivens a Creative Fashion Designer have come together to create a practical lifestyle wardrobe for dogs. We tailor make British tweed Tuxedo Jackets, durable yet stylish Waistcoat Harnesses with detachable skirt and tail pieces, with matching Bow Ties, Scarves, Hair Bows and Leads, and luxury knitted jumpers using only the finest Italian Merino wool. The brand is inspired by two little Maltese Dogs named Hercules and Monabella, combining their names Herc, being strong and Bella being Beautiful, which is the foundation of their products, beautiful and refined, yet remaining strong and robust. Hercabella prides itself being designed in Britain, all their fabrics are sourced in England from textile mills who supply fabric to some of the top leading fashion houses of the world. Their signature 'Mayfair' fabric has been designed exclusively for Hercabella woven in Yorkshire with Northern Soul. With a distinctive branding and purple signature lining, your Canine Companion will certainly mark their territory.

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